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Old Town Roads

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

I've lived in Texas for the past couple years and every-time I've travelled across the "nation of Texas." I've been curious to stop by at the old school construction and know more about their history; maybe I'm weird, maybe its odd, but its awesome how the colors, textures, and objects have been standing these years.

I'll say watching the "CARS" movie from Disney have influence this small roadtrip, I mean sometimes we just go across the small towns and avoid the slow lanes. Why not purposely go to the slow roads and find these small town uniqueness.


Gas stations are always up to date and finding those "old school" aesthetic one are harder than it looks.

What did I love about this trip:

  1. Open Road

  2. Aesthetic

  3. People

  4. Old operational buildings

  5. Shock Value

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